The Best Way to Straighten a Curved Penis

Having a curved penis can make life difficult for men of any age. Not only can it affect self-esteem, but it can make urination difficult and sex nearly impossible in some of its most severe cases!

The good news is that it is possible to straighten out a curved penis without spending a fortune or surgery or through constant hours of hoping it will just straighten out on its own.

There are two fantastic devices that can help men out that we fully recommend:

  • the SizeGenetics™ Extender
  • and the X4 Labs™ Device.

Why SizeGenetics is the Best?


The SizeGenetics Ultimate is the only medically backed system that can help to straighten out a penis curvature. It is a fully adaptable device that helps to straighten out the tissues that build-up to cause the penis to curve because of Peyronies Disease.

You’ll feel tension on the side of your penis that is affected by the disease because it works to keep those tissues extended and straight. It’s fully adjustable and adaptable, effectively letting the cell development on the affected side of your penis catch up.

The cheaper SizeGenetics Value Edition penis curvature straightener acts in a similar way as the Ultimate Edition, but it works better for guys that have a less severe curvature that needs to be corrected.

It’s extremely comfortable to wear and is solidly supportive of the penis so that you don’t have further painful issues or smaller erections because of the disease development. Comfort pads and straps help to secure the device in place and you can even wear it at night!

Who Am I?

meI’m just your typical 32 year old guy who makes websites for a living. I help people discover new ways to market their own goods, services, or information so that they can help people while making a living themselves. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with my penis from the time I was born. You see, my parents took me in as a child to have surgery because I was born with an excessive amount of scar tissue on my penis. It caused my dick to be so twisted up as a kid that I needed a catheter!

After the surgery, the biological problems were fixed, but my penis was always a bit curved. I’d talked to a doctor about the issue awhile ago and was told that there wasn’t much that could be done. “Most guys have a dick that’s curved anyway,” he told me with a shrug. “I wouldn’t worry about it.” The more I’d look at it, however, the lower my self-esteem would get. Something had to change when I started making sure the lights were off to have sex!

straighten-curved-penisHere’s the Problem I Had…

As I pushed for options about fixing the curvature in my dick, my doctor essentially gave me one option: more surgery. I wasn’t very keen about the idea of having another surgery considering the results of the one I’d had as a kid! I started looking around for something that could help me solve my problem. I soon discovered that it wasn’t a curved penis issue that most guys had a problem with, but a size issue. In that area I didn’t have any concerns. I just needed a straighter dick!

That’s when I stumbled across the SizeGenetics. It was like the grey clouds of an overcast sky had finally opened and sunlight was finally shining down on me! The description of the problems that this product could solve matched up with the issues I’d been having my entire life. I knew that I had to give it a try, so that’s what I did!

I fully admit that my purchase of the SizeGenetics was an impulse purchase because I was growing desperate. In my mind, I couldn’t form a solid relationship because I was so insecure about what my curved penis looked like to other people. I was afraid they still see the scars of the twisted mess that I had as a kid and that I’d be laughed out of the bedroom. I have no doubt the SizeGenetics is a good buy and could help a severe case of Peyronies because of its emphasis on traction, but that’s not what I needed.

Trying It On For the First Time? Wow Was I Nervous!

As I waited for the SizeGenetics Ultimate to arrive, I began to have my doubts. Would this product actually work? Had I just wasted money on a useless device? Was my doctor right – was surgery the only option? I was so nervous the first time I tried on the device for a number of reasons:

  • I didn’t want something that hurt while I wore it.
  • I was scared that I had wasted money on a product that wouldn’t provide me with a result.
  • I was concerned about what people would think of me if they knew I was wearing the device.


Many of my fears were relieved immediately because the SizeGenetics is incredibly comfortable to wear, even over several hours. You know it’s on the right way because you feel some pressure on the spot where the penis curvature is, but it’s not a painful pressure. More like the feeling when someone is gripping you tightly, but compassionately.

I’m not where I want to be yet, but my penis looks better than it ever has before! That’s why I wanted to share this with you in case you’ve had a similar curved dick issue. I can testify that this works if you’re willing to give it a chance!

Which Product Is Right For You?

For most cases of penis curvature, I would fully recommend the SizeGenetics Ultimate. It is specially designed to help get a curved penis straightened out quickly, comfortably, and painlessly.

The X4 Labs Peyronies Professional may help with more severe cases of Peyronies disease, especially those where the size of the penis is affected by the disease in a dramatic way. Both products are excellent, but if I had to choose one, I’d chose the SizeGenetics.