Penis Straightening Real Testimonials and Success Stories

Before I share these success stories with you, I want to clarify that all the testimonials mentioned here are real and provided by people I personally know.

First, I would like to encourage you that you should never stop reaching your goals and being non-confident. I had a curved penis problem for which I used penis stretcher for 2-3 months.

As a result, my slight left curve reduced by about 40%. Also, I think I have gained some length, but I really don’t know if it’s a false measurement or so.

Before I started with penis stretching, I had about 25-degree curve, and now it has reduced to about 10-15. The progress also depends on what kind of underwear you have and which side you put your dick.

You should not be going with surgery when you have a chance to solve your problem with a stretcher, etc.

By using a penis stretcher only, I have fixed about 90% of my curve and definitely gained some length – not much but something. No exercises, no pills, nothing else.

I believe your curve won’t improve unless you gain some length via stretching – you just are not applying enough tension.

Before using the penis stretcher, I used some ways to solve my bent penis problem. I used bent penis exercises (jelqs) a couple of months at a regular routine of 10 times per day, but didn’t get any results – it looks like jelqing would take forever to produce visible results.

That’s why I switched to penis stretching ( with 6 hours per session every night during my sleep for 2 months. Although I have not yet gained the result I want, but my penis is now less bent when erected. I would definitely call that improvement.

Since I started penis stretching, I would estimate that I have cut my curvature in half.

At first I stared with jelq exercises but to no luck. I tried different techniques of jelquing in order to put the most stress on the “short” side of my penis but after 3 weeks, the only change I noticed was that my penis was MORE curved when erect. That’s why I gave up jelqs and began wearing X4 Labs during my sleep. And that’s when magic happened!

My advice to you is that if you go with penis stretching approach, begin with a light stretch, use it for short periods and see how well you tolerate it. I also recommend warming up first so that your tendons and ligaments stretch more easily.

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I have always had a penis curvature that was to the left and downwards, however it was more prominent to the left side. It was bad enough that it made me worried and extremely self-conscious. Although it curved to some extent when flaccid, it was more noticeable when fully erect.

I started looking for a solution about six months ago. I contacted many doctors but they always said that nothing would help me besides surgery. And even with surgery, there was no guarantee that my problem would be solved and the risk of potential side effects was high too.

Long story short – just like most guys with similar problem, I started with wearing tight underwear in order to put my rod in the opposite to the curvature position. It didn’t help. Then I started jelquing which didn’t get me any results either. Since nothing was working, I had to try a different approach. That’s why I tried penis stretching and I am glad I did.

Critics and skeptics are everywhere, you know but I am here to share my results from wearing a penis stretcher – 2-3 hours per day and 4-5 hours per night with a pause of a couple of hours. No exercises, no weird things.

I had a downward curvature and I wasn’t sure if there was anything I could do to fix it, but I did. You can try jelquing against the curve – there are few guys who say this helps (although I highly doubt it) but don’t expect to see a change in a week as it will take months. In my opinion, using penis extenders help with straightening a lot faster, thought – see below my results I got in 4 months. Hope this helps.

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I had a 20-degree curve to the left which was bent from mid of the shaft. Although it wasn’t a big deal because I could still have sex, but that curve combined with only a 4.7” of average length really put me down. I desperately looked for solutions for a while before I found this website. Thank you man!

I’m 43 years old, and my Peyronie’s disease started when I had an accident during sport. After having this disease for about four years and a little to no results with injections, my doctor recommended surgery.

I didn’t want to go down that road, that’s why I started looking for other ways.

I tried some jelq exercises for a couple of months as I had read somewhere (a program called PenisHealth) that it was a guaranteed way to help guys like me. Well guess what? It didn’t help me at all.

I was giving up hope when I finally ran into your site. And I’m so grateful I did. Because not only did I get information regarding Peyronie’s disease, it also advice how to treat it.

I can get good erections now and my curve is also reduced from 60 degrees to about 10-15 degrees.

I wanted to share my story to let others know that it can be done, because I am doing it. It has helped me, when nothing else did. Thanks.

Add me to the list!

I am 22 and I had a curved penis since birth.

The pain it caused me during the puberty and from all the mockery I got at school is beyond explanation. Not to mention how embarrassed I was with my first love and… let me stop right here as I am not going to complain but to say thank you!

The X4 Labs was the first thing I tried (and became fond of it thanks to this site) and I am glad I did so. I can only say that it works wonders. From 30 left-degree to the almost straight (and a bit longer I believe but who cares about that) – it’s better than great now and… thanks for saving my life!

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I have had curved penis for almost 7 years, it started when I was 17 and suffered from a soccer injury. At first, I did not have much bend and I only noticed weaker erections. But it became worse over time. The loss of size wasn’t a concern to me, it was the curve that reached about 35 degrees to the up.

I tried everything but didn’t see any improvement until I started with penis stretching.

Sure, I still have trouble maintaining an erection without some kind of constant light stimulation, but the resolution and fullness of the bend has been a ray of light for me. I will say that stretching has definitely helped a lot with the blood flow and straightening, so I wanted to make everyone here aware of my solid improvements. It costs about $300 (one-time purchase) but it’s totally worth it.


In conclusion,

all these success stories tell you one thing i.e. never give up.

You deserve a happy life.

Don’t let having a curved penis get in the way of your true happiness.

Instead of worrying about what your girl would say when see you naked, make sure that it will be all okay.

Be creative and take control of your body and sexual life like these guys did.

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