Top 18 Sex Positions For Man With A Curved Penis

Do you have a slightly curved penis (left, right, up or down-wards)?

Did you know there are ways to make that curve your great advantage?

In fact, penis curvature can work in your favor and help you have a hell of a ride with your girl.

A curved penis can often touch some places a straight penis cannot, and those places happen to be women’s most sensitive erogenous zones.

If you also get creative with the sex positions, you and your partner could have that kind of great sex you’ve only thought you’ll see in movies.

Here are the best sex positions you definitely need to practice to make the best out of that curve!

1. Missionary position

Simple, comfortable and very intimate, the missionary position rarely fails the lovers’ expectations.

She is lying down, you are up, you know the drill.

You can place a pillow under her hips to make things even hotter and you can try spice things up with a few tricks: a sexpert from Your Tango advises you should breathe more (deeper or faster) to feel more, get rough or, on the contrary, increase the sexual tension with some erotic glances.

You need to trust your curved tool knowing that, in this position, it will stimulate the right places in her vagina, primarily her G-spot.

2. Cowgirl/reverse cowgirl and variations

Let her get in charge and get on top of you, staying upright.

You can relax and let her move her hips or you can play along and move your own hips.

In this position, you are working on hitting her G-spot, and considering that she has the complete control over everything, she’ll know how to reach an earthquake of an orgasm.

If she is facing you, you have the pleasure to play with her breasts. If you choose the reverse cowgirl, you’ll equally enjoy in looking at her booty.

Besides the G-spot, this position also helps you aim her A-spot, a well-hidden sweet spot near her cervix which isn’t that reachable to a man with a straight penis.

3. Standing position

If your penis is curved upwards, this is the position to make her partner scream of pleasure.

Face each other, stand by the wall if that feels more comfortable, lift one or both of her legs and hit the sex roller-coaster. Your curved penis will naturally go for her G-spot or A-spot.

You are in charge when it comes to this position, so make sure to read the signs of her body and voice, and adjust your position according to her reactions.

4. Standing from behind

Let your partner lean against a wall or a table while you are standing upright. If she doesn’t lean on anything, you might both feel physically uncomfortable.

How does this position work for men with curved penises?

Well, it allows both you and your partner to be in charge of the movements.

She can move her booty as she wishes to ensure the maximum pleasure, while you can make sure to find the right tempo and enjoy with your hands full of her hips or breasts.

5. Side position

This position can be uncomfortable and almost impossible to enjoy if your penis isn’t bent, so lucky you! This position is especially convenient if your penis is bent to the left or right.

Let her lie down on her side and let the fun begin. As you penetrate, you can additionally stimulate her clitoris with your fingers. You can also caress her breasts or thighs.

The great thing is that this position works well whichever tempo you choose.

Wild sex? You can go for it!

Slow, romantic spooning with gentle kisses in the back?

It can turn out to be even better!

6. The bridge

Looking more ways for your bent penis to hit her G-spot?

If you are into a bit of experimenting, you can kneel and let her make an arch with her body. As you penetrate, you will have a beautiful view while she will experience wild pleasure.

This position might be a bit challenging if the two of you are not really fit but it’s sure worth trying.

If your penis is curved upwards, you definitely need to give it a shot.

If the two of you don’t feel that fit and confident in your flexibility, she can lie over a pile of pillows or an ottoman chair to make the bridge.

7. The T position

If your penis is curved to a side, you can engage in this slightly complicated but amazing position.

You need to lie down on your side while she needs to lie on her back.

The two of you lying down as you penetrate her should form the letter T. She can relax her legs over your body or hold them straight up.

With your penis being side-bent, this position will allow you to hit her G-spot perfectly. You can additionally arouse her with your fingers or hold her legs to make her more comfortable.

8. The Fusion

Sit and lean backward, using your hands for a support. She should face you, spread her legs and place them on your shoulders, while also supporting her body with her hands.

You’re both in charge of the rhythm and tempo, and if your penis is bent upwards, this position will particularly flatter your love skills. Engage your hips and enjoy the splendid view!

9. Sitting straddle

Being simple and convenient, this position works very efficiently.

Sit on a chair and maybe lean back a bit.

Let her straddle you and adjust her position as she wishes.

If your penis is bent upwards, she should face you, and if it is bent downwards, let her face away from you, so you could stimulate her G-spot or A-spot.

This position allows you to know where exactly should you aim to make things extra hotter.

10. Downward dog

Yoga can be sexy and this position is directly inspired by it. It requires your partner to be physically fit, as it is quite a challenging game. So, she is in the position of the downward dog, supporting herself with her hands, holding her bottom up and legs straight and slightly spread.

You penetrate her from behind and dictate the tempo.

With yoga being closely related to sexual energy and your upwards curve working for you, her G-spot will be stunningly stimulated in no time.

11. The wheelbarrow

This is another sex position favoring the men with an upward curved penis.

It is also one of the most difficult positions you can try but considering it’s extra orgasmic, you’d be mad to skip it.

  • Start by penetrating her from the back.
  • Lift her legs up and hold her by her ankles as you are penetrating her.
  • She needs to have a strong upper body and arms, as she has to support herself by holding her hands down.

Sounds complicated?

But you are thinking about doing it, right? You should!

12. Woman on table

Let her lie down on a table and penetrate her while you are standing.

She can place her legs on both of your shoulders, one of your shoulders or spread them at the height of the table, in which case you should help her by holding her legs.

This position is simple and allows you to try some additional clitoral stimulation.

You can also lean over her for even more intimate feeling.

If you’re not that excited by the thought of a table or a desk, you can try this position on a kitchen counter, washing machine or any table-like object you can imagine.

13. The rag doll

Slightly complicated but perfect for men with their penises curved to the left or right, this position allows your partner to have a blast.

She should lie on her back, keeping one leg straight, while bending her other knee (with an approximate 90 degrees angle).

You should kneel by her bottom, cross with her by putting one of your legs between her legs and straddling her other leg.

She can additionally adjust her position by twisting her upper body to make herself feel your curve better.

14. The curled angel

If your penis is curved downwards, and you are feeling a bit lazy but still into some nasty time, try the curled angel, a simple and romantic spooning position.

Let her curl up with her knees drawn up to her chest.

Penetrate her from behind and curl up your legs next to hers.

This position is definitely for some slow sex. With that in mind, you can throw some hugging, neck kissing or gentle clitoral massage into the game.

15. The perch

For this one, you’ll need a medium-high and very stable bar stool, where you will sit.

She should stand, you’re looking at her back, and her V should be in the height of your P, or a bit higher than your P. In this case, she controls the penetration, so sit back and relax. This can be both a wild and a chill option, and it is a great deal for men with their penises bent downwards.

16. The basket

Another Kama Sutra option for men with their penis bent upwards is the basket.

You should sit with your legs straight (or slightly bent to help you balance).

You can lean on a wall if you’re having troubles keeping your back straight. She should sit on your lap with her legs bent on the side while you hold her bottom.

She controls the moves and makes sure to feel that curve the best she can.

17. Honorable mention – The good old 69

According to LovePanky, a bent penis is better than a straight one when it comes to oral sex, as the woman is able to take the bent penis deeper in her mouth.

This sounds particularly interesting when it comes to sixtynineing, so none of you will get bored. Make sure to try some of that as well!

18. Doggy style

And, finally, here is the position which gets most recommended by the sexperts, especially for those with their penises bent downwards.

If the curvature goes upwards or to a side, this position still leaves you enough space to find out how to stimulate her the best.

Let her bend over and crouch on all fours, while you penetrate her from the back.

You can place your hands on her hips and have the full control or you can hold her breasts. Of course, this position allows you some extra clitoral stimulation as well.

Knowing about the options above, you are prepared for some rocking sex. It’s not about how your penis looks but it’s always about how you choose to use it.

Although the stats on the number of men with penile curvatures are poor, it is assumed that many men have at least a slightly bent tool. There’s nothing unusual about it. So, instead of worrying, keep in mind that your curve might be in charge of the best orgasm she has ever had.

Found your perfect position yet?