5 Simple Techniques To Give Her Intense, Mind-Blowing Orgasms (The G Spot Trick)

A lot of men worry about having a small or curved penis.

Are you afraid you won’t be able to make her cum through penetrative sex?

Let’s set the record straight.

You don’t have to be as jacked or hung as a bull to give your partner earth-shattering orgasms.

What you do have to know, however, is how to find and properly stimulate her G-spot.

And truth be told, having a small or curved penis can actually be help rather than hindrance.

We’re not kidding.

While a lot of misconceptions and myths surround it, the G-spot itself is very real.

Today, you will learn how to find and stimulate it to make your girl cum harder than she ever has.

What is the G-spot?

Oft compared to the prostate in men, the G-spot is a special area in women that is incredibly sensitive to the touch. It surrounds the urethral canal and has its own supply in the pelvic nerve.

You’ve probably heard a lot about clitoral orgasms.

G-spot orgasms are similar, but even more intense.

If you can learn how to reliably give your girl G-spot orgasms, you’ll be able to bring your sex life (and therefore your intimacy) to the next level.

To do that, you’ll have to find it first.

Where is the G-spot and How to Find it?

If you’re looking for the G-spot for the first time, however, a better idea is to use your fingers.

With your palm up, insert them 2-3 inches in, then curl them. The G-spot is slightly ribbed, so if you feel a rough patch then you’re in the right place.

If the woman is properly aroused, the G-spot should also protrude from the rest of the vagina.

How to Stimulate the G Spot?

Now that we’ve found the spot, it’s time to get into details. Below are some tips and tricks from advice to down and dirty sex positions that are guaranteed to make her cum like never before.

Keep reading!

Note: a huge monster dick won’t actually help stimulate your girl’s G-spot.

In fact, since the G-spot is only 2-3 inches into a woman’s vagina, men with bigger dicks might actually have trouble staying inside and stimulating the G-spot consistently during sex.

You’d better do it with a curved penis, thougth.

1) Experiment (with angles, tools, and more)!

Now, you might be shaking your head.

Experimentation isn’t a technique!

I hear you shout.

I disagree.

Each person has different preferences in how they like being touched.

And before you start diving into more advanced positions or techniques, it’s important to figure out which angle your girl likes being penetrated from, what kind of stimulation she likes, whether she likes being fingered or fucked.

And since every man differs in size and shape, there are no absolute guidelines we can give you in terms of finding what works best for you and your partner.

There might be some very specific way to stimulate her G-spot that drives her crazy.

Maybe something listed here won’t work on her, but something that you try on the fly ends up working wonders for her G-spot. You won’t know until you experiment.

2) Foreplay is key

Foreplay should always be a crucial part of your sex life.

But when it comes to stimulating a girl’s G-spot, it’s arguably even more important.

The tissue in the G-spot swells when aroused, meaning that a bit of kissing and caressing will make the area itself bigger and therefore easier to stimulate.

It’ll also make her much more comfortable with getting her G-spot stimulated (which can be an intense, often overwhelming experience), especially if she’s never done it before.

3) Do it doggy

Many men have penises that curve slightly downwards e.g. banana penis.

While it can be a source of low self-confidence for some, that curvature is actually super helpful when it comes to hitting the G-spot during doggy style, where the penis can slide up against it.

The female partner can also try angling her upper body downwards so her chest is resting on the bed. That will open up her G-spot to even more direct stimulation.

3) “Come hither” with your fingers

After you’ve found her G-spot with your fingers, you can experiment by doing a “come hither” motion, curling your fingers so that you’re effectively tapping against her G-spot.

This applies a constant pressure to the G-spot that’s even more laser-focused, and is guaranteed to make her squirm in pleasure. Try experimenting with different speeds and patterns to see what really makes her respond.

In addition, it can help to press your other hand against her stomach, on the corresponding side to her G-spot. By applying gentle pressure to the outside, you’re helping stimulate her G-spot even more for an even more explosive orgasm.

4) Ride in cowgirl!

Similar to doggy, cowgirl allows that curvature in your penis to rub up against her G-spot with ease. In cowgirl, however, she’ll have more control, allowing her to discover her most sensitive spots and grind them against you.

One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to stimulating the G-spot, deeper doesn’t always mean better. As we’ve mentioned before, the area itself isn’t any deeper than 2-3 inches, so men on the smaller side need not worry. Thrusting into her at an angle rather than trying to delve deep might be more pleasurable in this case.

5) Rear entry

Have your partner lie facedown, while you lie on top of her.

She’ll spread her legs just enough to expose her vagina, and you can penetrate her from behind.

Keep in mind that in order to stroke her G-spot with your dick you’ll have to grind against her rather than just thrust straight ahead.

If your penis is curved, you should be able to hit that spot even more easily.

The rear entry position is perfect if you want her to focus on the sensations while you do the work. It can be a bit tricky, because if you move a bit too much then your penis might keep popping out of her, interrupting the moment.

Just keep in mind that you don’t want to get too deep, or your penis will no longer rub against her G-spot. If you dick is long then spread your legs instead.


In short, men who have shorter or curvier penises than average need not worry.

The G-spot is more than accessible to guys who aren’t the biggest, or have the perfect curvature in their dicks to keep hitting the spot.

The G-spot is a very real key when it comes to unlocking a mind-blowing time in the bedroom for you and your partner, and no amount of girth or length can replace the toe-curling sensation of a G-spot orgasm. Learn how to use what you have effectively, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.