An Easy Way To Increase Your (Curved) Penis While You Sleep

Having a small or curved penis can make life difficult for many men.

Good news? You can increase penis size naturally.

While a bit of minor curvature isn’t necessarily harmful, severe curvature can affect your sex life, making certain positions difficult. Sometimes even your hardness and stamina can be affected.

Why is my penis not big and straight?

Some men were born that way while others suffer from Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes your penis to bend at an odd angle, sometimes accompanied by pain whenever you get an erection or even try to urinate.

Good news?

There are ways to increase your penis size and fix both penis curvature and Peyronie’s disease.

Here we’ll talk them over, option by option.

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From injections to medication, surgery to electric shocks, there’s plenty you can do to increase penis size and correct the angle in your penis. Read to the end for an option that will work for you – not only because it’s effective, but also because it’s just so simple.

Pills and Supplements (and Why They Don’t Work)

Let’s kick this thing off by talking about pills and supplements.

You’ve probably seen all those spammy ads on porn sites claiming that there’s that “one crazy pill” that can swell your penis from the size of a raisin to that of your forearm.

As you might have guessed, those ads are complete baloney.

The only reason that they even work is because desperate guys click into them hoping that this will be the solution to all the problems with their sex life or small penis. (Hint: it’s not.)

We’re going to get this out of the way right now.

There are no magical creams or pills that can make your penis grow bigger than its natural size.

While some pills can make you hard, that falls more into the category of improving libido and erection quality rather than actually making your dick bigger.

Hormonal injections?

There is, of course, the possibility that your penis is not developed properly because of some kind of hormonal disorder. For example, something like hypogonadism (which means that you have low testosterone and DHT levels) might actually lead to poor or small erections that you can cure by correcting your chemical imbalances through medication.

Of course, never self-diagnose when it comes to these things; always consult with a medical professional so you don’t end up treating yourself for a disorder that you don’t have.

So, if you want to actually increase your size, you’re going to have to do it the natural way, not through some shady pills or injections being peddled on a porn site.



It’s not a good option no matter which angle you look at it from. Cost-wise, it’s the most expensive out of all treatments and will end up costing you above $10,000 at the cheapest.

The process itself is incredibly invasive.

Because of this, it is also quite risky.

Even when nothing goes wrong, you can often end up experiencing diminished feeling because the sheer act of cutting through the tissue will more often than not cause permanent damage to the nerve endings. It’s generally inevitable that your blood circulation (and therefore the hardness of your erections) will suffer because of how drastic the procedure is.

If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease and are looking to get that treated via surgery, be warned!

Surgery can shorten your penis because they pull the skin over to the shorter, bent side, resulting in decreased penis length.

In the absolute worst-case scenario, surgery could make you impotent.

Penis englargement surgery isn’t much better.

The most common procedure involves cutting the suspensory ligament, which is the bridge between your penis and your pubic bone. It doesn’t actually improve your penis’s size or shape, just makes it hang out a bit more so that it’s more visible. And the increase isn’t even that significant—generally speaking, it’s by less than ½ an inch! How lame is that?

Other options for lengthening include cutting away the fat pad above your penis or stuffing the penile tissue with either synthetic materials or tissues harvested from dead bodies.

You could easily achieve the same effect as the former just by losing a bit of weight, while the second isn’t really a natural expansion at all, but more analogous to the breast implants that women get. This won’t necessarily increase the quality of your erections even if it does make it look bigger while you are flaccid.

If you want to increase penis size or make it straight…

Don’t think about penis surgery.

Everyone’s body responds different to various procedures, and it’s difficult to say how you might react to surgery. But given the risks involved, we’d say that it’s never a good first option to consider.

Surgery is invasive, unnatural, and ultimately dangerous. Unless your penis is bent or small to the point of no return, you should not be thinking about surgery.

Our recommendation is to look into penis traction devices instead.

Enlgarge and Straightening Your Penis With Traction Devices: How It Works

Here’s where we get into the category of enlarging and straightening your penis naturally.

Does penis stretching really work?

We promise you, it works, safely.

Stretching the penis creates microscopic tears in the tissue. While this might sound a bit concerning at first, it’s actually a very similar process to natural growth.

Let me explain it.

By consistently applying traction to the penis shaft over time, you make cells gradually divide and multiply. Just as the muscles anywhere else on your body get bigger after you’ve been exercising for a while, the tissue in your penis will also expand, resulting in a bigger, straighter penis.

In addition, this process expands the Corpora Cavernosa, which are spongy chambers inside of the penis. When they fill up with blood, you’ll get an erection.

In short: By increasing the capacity of these chambers, penis stretching also make your erections both bigger and harder.

Penis Traction Devices vs. Vacuum Pumps

Penis traction devices are pretty straightforward.

They’re basically devices that apply pressure to the penis over a long period of time, lengthening them via old-fashioned stretching. They’re pretty easy to use, have few side effects, and can produce “effective and durable lengthening” according to several studies on the subject.

Pretty nifty, if I must say so myself.

Vacuum pumps, on the other hand, aren’t actually as much for increasing your penis length, size, or straightness permanently.

By applying suction pressure to your penis, you’ll be able to pump more blood into it and therefore increase your erection quality and (if you’re lucky) your size as well.

They’re mostly used to give you a little extra pep before sex rather than extending your penis in a lasting fashion.

It’s even been shown by studies that using penis pumps over the course of six months will not result in actual penile growth, while penis traction devices can increase your length by an inch in that timeframe.

This isn’t to say that vacuum pumps don’t work.

They have their own specialties, and are sometimes recommended to treat erectile dysfunction.

But overall, they’re not nearly as effective when it comes to actually lengthening your penis alongside straightening it.

Penis traction devices can do both of those things effectively, and is therefore probably the best choice if you’re serious about getting the best results out of your treatment.

Other Methods?

There are few other methods on the market for penis enlargement and straightening.

But in terms of side effects, cost, and effectiveness, the penis stretchers have them all beat.

They’re reasonably priced if you find the right product, much less invasive than surgery and have a minimum risk factor.

Most importantly, they’re much more effective.

As mentioned before, usage for several hours a day over the course of six months has led to increases of over an inch, as well as a much straighter penis.

With double the benefits for people with a curved penis, there’s no question that it’s a much better option than surgery or other medical treatments.

The Problem andTthe Solution

Of course, no treatment is absolutely perfect.

Having to devote time in your day to penis stretching can be tiresome and a waste of time.

For those who are trying to stay discreet, it’s not in your best interest to have to work for hours every day trying to increase the size and decrease the bend in your penis.

Even if the device is the most comfortable one possible, you probably don’t want to take up so much time wearing it.

It limits your daily activities and generally just makes things more complicated. Of course, that’s not an ideal situation for anyone.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this specific issue.

There are many penis traction devices that don’t force you to use them throughout the day.

When you think about it, the best time to engage in something tedious like that is at night when you’re sleeping for several hours at a time.

So if you’re able to choose a good penis stretcher that you can wear during sleep, you’ll be in the golden zone.

Your penis will be harder, straighter, and bigger at the end of six months, and it’ll be like magic to you because you’ll have put in no effort and never had to compromise your free time.

Doesn’t that seem like what you want?

You might be wondering why it might be important to find a really good penis traction device to use while you’re sleeping. On a surface level, it might not seem like there’s much correlation between quality and usage at night.

But when you really think about it, the correlation actually runs pretty deep.

When you’re sleeping you won’t have much control over the process itself (because…you’re asleep).

If you choose a shoddy device, then it won’t work as well when you’re not constantly adjusting it.

But if you can pick something that gives you great results, then you’ll be able to sleep through the whole night without a single worry, allowing the process to happen on its own and the device to adjust itself while you’re dozing off.

The sheer quality of the device alone will make the whole process that much easier.

In fact, using the device while you sleep can actually produce even better results than it can while you’re awake.

Generally speaking we sleep for at least seven to eight hours a night, meaning that the duration of time you’ll be able to wear your device is even longer than it would be if you carved out every waking hour you weren’t at work to wear it.

Being able to attend to your daily activities is important, and you shouldn’t have to compromise it for your penis stretching routine.

Doing the penis stretching at night not only makes the whole process effortless, but increases the timeframe within a given day that you can actually use it, meaning that you’ll see results within a shorter amount of time.


So there you have it.

Among all the treatment options, the best one is, surprisingly enough, one that’s so easy that you can literally do it in your sleep.

The natural option to increase penis size is almost always the best option, and penis stretching is no exception to that rule.

Instead of spending thousands on medications, surgery, and supplements that may or may not work, opt for something that you know will.

Who knows, maybe it will end up making all the difference for your sex life and give you an erection that’s not only bigger and straighter, but harder and better.