Jes Extender Review

The Jes Extender that we’re reviewing today is actually the first penis extender ever made!

It was invented in 1994 by Jes Bech Müller in Denmark. Since then, it has sold over a thousand units, laying claim to its fame as the first of its kind.

We’re going to cut straight to the chase here.

The Jes Extender is a good product.

How could it not be – it’s the revolutionary first, the one that popularized penis stretching devices to a widespread audience and pioneered the product!

But it’s way overpriced for what it offers.

The most expensive packages with all its bells and whistles still offer fewer accessories and less comfort than, for example, the cheapest X4 Labs package.

A quick trip to the official website will show you that the main difference between packages is… the box.

Yes. Really.

Now, I might be speaking for myself here.

I really don’t care if the product comes in a classic, stylish mahogany, or in a sleek aluminium case.

That won’t help you improve your sex life.

Well, there’s another difference between the different packages, and that’s the material used – you can purchase Jes extenders made with titanium, gold, and even platinum if that’s what you want.

This is once again a pointless option when it comes to the actual results.

Sure, you can order a platinum penis extender for four times as much as the regular option, but unless the platinum has magical benefits for penis straightening, you’re not actually benefiting much.

Jes Extender Accessories Review

There are also a few extra accessories that come with the more expensive packages:

  • The gold and platinum packages come with an additional Velcro strap, extra bars, and a longer (lifelong instead of five years) guarantee.

While this sounds much more useful than a flashier casing, it’s still not a lot compared to other brands, who offer even more accessories and customization for a comparable price.

Jes Extender Review: The Conclusion

All in all, the Jes Extender may be the OG when it comes to penis extenders, but it’s been replaced by newer, better options in the industry. For all its package options, it seems to be a very basic product with decent functionality wrapped up in a luxurious box (and an even more luxurious price tag).

Yes, they sell thousands of devices around the world to men in need – not necessarily because they’re the best option out there, but because they’re the oldest and, maybe, the most popular one (still).

Of course, I’m not saying that the Jes Extender isn’t a good product.

It’s fairly effective, and has pushed through the strict EU regulations for health products (their company is based in Denmark). You know it’s safe, and that it works, but it doesn’t offer much else in the way of accessories to enhance the individual user’s experience.

Also, if you’re not based in the EU, you’ll have to pay an extra for shipment – even if you order the most expensive titanium package at $1000. For all the value this product can bring you, I’d say it’s not worth that price.

Jes Extender vs. X4 Labs

So, this is a pretty easy product comparison.

We like the X4 Labs around here for a reason.

It’s a cheaper product that’s still high quality, and doesn’t need a $1000 titanium version to class things up.

Plus, you can even customize the package that you buy to include accessories that you think you might need.

X4 Labs offers accessories like an Advanced Support System for stability and comfort, spring sets with adjustable tension to enhance the effects of penis stretching.

X4 Labs is the only penis straightening device with mini support and a wide girth base to accommodate men of all different sizes and shapes.

What’s more, they also offer DOUBLE money-back satisfaction guarantee if you don’t see any results within the first six months of using your X4 Labs.

See, the Jes Extender has been around since Jes Bech Müller invented them in 1994. Back in the day, they were the industry standard for innovation, simply because they were the very first product to help men increase penis size by stretching, instead of undergoing invasive, intensive medical procedures.

Of course, to this day, they’re still a fairly decent option. We’re not saying that the Jes Extender is a bad product, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But what the folks who make the X4 Labs have done is constantly innovate and improve upon the base level of quality that they started with. They’re always looking for more ways to improve customer experience, to make sure that the most users possible have the best experience possible.

X4 Labs are customer-friendly.

You can’t really say the same for a company that offers luxury upgrades in place of actual accessories.

For example, trying comparing the utility of a golden box to actual useful features like the Double Comfort Strap Support, the InfiniteFit Support, Mini Quad Support, Adjustable Tension, and Wide Grid Support, and you’ll see the difference.

The former is a way to look shiny, while the latter provides actual tools to fit any penis size and shape and, most importantly, to give you the right tool to straighten your curved penis in a fast, easy, comfortable, and safe way.

In conclusion

Jes extender is a good product.

But if you really want a superior product that will give you the best results more quickly with maximum customization, go for the X4 Labs.