ProExtender Review

The ProExtender is a basic penis-stretching device that can help you increase your penis size, correct your penis curvature, and also serve as a treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

It differs from other similar products due to its ease of use – unpack it, put it on, and let it does the job.

All you have to do to straighten your curved penis is to wear it for several hours a day, potentially incorporating it into sleep or other daily activities depending on your comfort level and daily routine.

That’s all good and well, you might say. But how does it actually work?

It works by applying gentle force to the penis to trigger the cell division process that leads to natural penile enlargement and penis straightening, all at once.

Most of ProExtender reviews claim that it can increase and straighten your curved penis with no need for invasive procedures such as surgery or injections.

The good news – all results are permanent.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

The thing is that the ProExtender uses an old-fashioned noose fixation – a silicone tube that passes through the two holes on the support piece that fixes your penis head in place for maximum stability.

You can adjust the stretching force according to your needs and set it at your preferred comfort level but the noose fixation can be a source of irritation and soreness for some users.

In addition, men complain that the noose fixation is often too tight and can very easily end up suffocating the penis, cutting off circulation to the point of numbness.

Apparently, figuring out the right match for your size is not very intuitive with this device.

There’s a way to prevent the circulation issues altogether, and that is to do Jelq penis exercises before and after you use the extender with the noose.

For users who are looking for minimal hassle, though, this might not be the right product.

While some see positive effects very quickly and with no pain, people find that its effects are not noticeable or fast enough to justify the hefty price tag.

ProExtender Original vs. Deluxe

If you visit the official site you’ll see that there are two packages you can choose from:

  • Pro Extender Original
  • Pro Extender Deluxe

Truth be told, however, there isn’t a huge difference between the two; the deluxe package comes with two extra extension bars, but that’s all about it.

Both packages ship in a discreet plain box for guaranteed privacy, and the product itself comes with a money back guarantee.


They seem to vary quite a lot from individual to individual, making it not the most reliable choice in terms of satisfaction and effectiveness.

Many reports and online reviews claim that it works well for uncircumcised users only, thought.

Other than that, it can be a safe option for anyone who doesn’t have an issue with the adjusting the noose fixation to an appropriate tightness.

ProExtender vs X4 Labs

The ProExtender is a good product but not the best.

There’s a lot more to be said about getting the best comfort levels and results for the amount of money you spend, and the Pro Extender costs more than it’s worth. There is a better option out there that give you more value for the same price.

The ProExtender is a costly product, and is only really reliably effective with uncircumcised users.

Why buy a product if you don’t know it’s effective for the widest demographic possible?

In addition, the downside of the noose fixation being too tight and hard to adjust for many users means that it will affect your usage, slowing down your results because of discomfort. That means that there’s the potential it could be uncomfortable and ineffective for certain customers.

ProExtender? We don’t recommend it.

This is not because it doesn’t work, but because there are better options out there that provide more comfort and better results in treating penis curvature at a comparable price.

The X4 Labs is a cheaper product that outperforms the ProExtender in all areas.

More important than price, however, is the fact that X4 Labs are always working on improving the performance of their products to meet their users’ demands and expectations.

X4 Labs extenders are designed for results, and all their innovation is to that end.

Plus, the top-rated penis stretcher from X4 Labs comes not just with a normal money back guarantee, but a double money back guarantee – meaning that you get twice the amount of what you paid back if you’re unsatisfied for any reason. That’s how confident they are in their product.

ProExtender, on the hand, seems to be stuck back in the 2007 — they haven’t developed their product in an attempted to enhance the performance and the comfort levels.

In fact, they don’t even offer the strap fixation (an alternative to the noose fixation), or a good fit for men with below average penis sizes.

In addition, X4 has more options.

They offer seven different packages, three of which are specifically designed and optimized for penis curvature as well as Peyronie’s disease treatment.

They have changed and evolved with the times, and have started to pack their products with additional features such as the Double Comfort Strap Support, the InfiniteFit Support, the Mini Quad Support, the Adjustable Tension and Wide Grid Support…

There are a lot of options. The point is that they’re all designed with the purpose of fitting as many penis sizes and shapes as possible and, most importantly, to give people the right tools to straighten your curved penis in an easy, safe, fast, and comfortable way. (Comfort might not seem so important until you actually learn what it feels like to have the circulation cut off in your penis.)

ProExtender Review Final Thoughts

This is a good product, hands down.

But if you want a better solution that will give you the best results more quickly and with more comfort, go for the X4 Labs.