8 Things About Penis Size and Sexual Satisfaction You Don’t Know

You’ve probably heard the phrase before.

“Bigger is better” – especially in the bedroom.

True or Not…

It can be a difficult thing to look past when you really are on the shorter side of the spectrum.

Many men experience a lack of confidence because they assume that being able to fill a woman up better also means that you are better at pleasing her.

While this might hold true for a minority of women, the size of your penis actually has surprisingly little to do with how good you are at satisfying a woman.

The kind of media that we’ve been exposed to, with male pornstars hung like horses, is what makes regular-sized guys feel like they’re falling short.

This is why so many men seek out drastic solutions like penile enhancement surgery even when they are bigger than the global average (five inches when erect).

There’s a fantasy involved in favor of having a big dick to make sex good.

Do you believe if you can fill a woman up better means that you can also please her better?

At best, that’s a total oversimplification; at worst, it’s a complete lie.

But have no fear.

We’re here to guide you.

Today, we’ll help you dispel some myths and reveal some truths about how penis size actually relates to sexual satisfaction.

From anatomy to psychology, statistics to surveys, we’ve dug up eight facts that will teach you a lesson or two about what size actually means in the bedroom.

Prepare to be surprised!

1. Stamina and Hardness Are More Important in The Bedroom Than Length

With all the emphasis on length, people have forgotten about the quality of the actual sex.

Studies have shown that women who prefer feel full by bigger dicks are in the minority.

Most women believe that the stamina and hardness of their partner is more important for an enjoyable romp.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

You can have the biggest dick in the world and still fail to please a woman if you don’t know how to put that length to good use. If you finish too quickly or start shriveling up before she can cum, she’ll be left cold regardless of your size.

  • Pro tip: a major factor to how hard you can get is how good you feel about the size of your penis. If you let your insecurities distract you, you’ll only go soft sooner.

Truth be told, most men think they are smaller than they actually are.

2. Girth Matters Way More Than Length

When you talk about penis size, most men are thinking about length.

But that’s only one dimension of size.

Women have reported that thicker penises are better at stimulating the clit. In addition, they’re also better at rubbing against the elusive G-spot, which rests only two inches into the vagina.

In short, thicker penises are much better at making women cum.

Because of how nerve endings are distributed through the vagina, many women can only feel the first few inches of a man’s penis. This means that although having a longer penis wouldn’t make much difference, a thicker penis would be better at stimulating those few inches.

3. Believe It Or Not, Bigger is NOT Always Better

Did you know that vaginal penetration isn’t everything?

There are women who claim to love oral and anal more than regular old sex. For them, a huge penis is more of an inconvenience than anything.

The same studies as above also found that there is no correlation between a man’s penis size and clitoral stimulation or orgasm during sex, bringing us to our second point.

Whether or not it’s true, some women have preconceived notions about how size correlates to personality – and not in the way that you might be expecting.

In fact, some ladies who participated in the survey think that guys with bigger tools are bigger tools: they fall prey to the mindset that since “bigger is better”, they don’t have to work hard in the bedroom. According to them, well endorsed men are so convinced that their size alone is enough to satisfy any woman that they’re just plain boring in the bedroom.

These might just be stereotypes. But some women really can’t enjoy bigger penises.

This might be because of a shallow cervix, or just tightness that makes deeper penetration painful. Even women with more flexible vaginas usually end up doing extra preparation if they want to be ready for something bigger than average inside of them.

With that caveat, it’s understandable that for many women, going with a smaller penis isn’t a compromise. It’s what makes more sense for them.

4. Do You Think Too Much About Your Penis Size?

A survey reported that while 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s size, only 55% of men are satisfied with their own size. Plenty of women are pretty irritated by the whole thing and think that the self-consciousness is not only unnecessary, but unsexy.

A word to the wise: if your girl says that she’s happy with your size, it doesn’t meant that she’s trying to butter you up or make you feel better.

It means that she thinks you’re fine just the way that you are.

5. A Good-looking Penis Doesn’t Have To Be Big

While men would probably be among the last to admit it, many want a big dick partially for how impressive it would look. But average-sized men are in luck; surveys show that women don’t value size when evaluating how attractive a penis is.

The top three factors were “general appearance, pubic hair appearance, and penile skin.”

This brings up another important tip for men: if you take some time to groom, you’re already ahead of the curve. No amount of attraction will be able to salvage your sex life if you refuse to clean yourself properly. (Plus, grooming your pubic hair can make your dick look bigger…which might at least satisfy the women who like how a bigger penis looks.) Being gross or unkempt will hurt your chances much more than the size of your penis will.

6. Size matters… But The Difference Is Mostly In Your Head

It may sound strange, but it’s true.

Men who have a bigger penis tend to be more confident in their sexual prowess.

True or not, male confidence is what attracts potential partners.

Size might be secondary to confidence, but it can end up impacting your confidence.

Don’t let it get the best of you. Be confident at every size.

Interestingly enough, surveys have revealed that women who are more attractive tend to rate penis size as a more important factor in selecting a mate.

That means that the perks of having a bigger dick are less about how great the dick itself is, and more about how women perceive their own value. Attractive women think that they deserve “better” and end up going after what society defines as physically attractive in men.

In short, the differences do matter. They just don’t matter as much as either side thinks they do.

7. Technique > Size In Making Her Cum

Many men are insecure over the idea that their penis might not be big enough to satisfy their partners. Some even worry that having a smaller penis means their partners will have a harder time reaching orgasm.

If you’re one of those men, we have good news for you. When it comes to making your girl cum, size matters much less than technique.

Despite what you might see in porn, most women can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.

As many as 44% of heterosexual women rarely or never orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Clitoral stimulation is far more important (so if you really want to make her cum, then you should be focusing on stepping up your oral game.)

You might be worried that your partner is one the few women who enjoy deep penetration.

There’s no reason to be worried.

Even women who cum from internal stimulation usually do so from G-spot stimulation. The G-spot is typically located no further than two inches inwards of a woman’s vaginal opening, which means most penises are more than enough to hit the spot.

If you actually want to be good at sex, get good at oral, fingering, and learn how to switch up your positions. Although it’s not fair to generalize men who have bigger dicks as being bad at sex, it certainly is true that they aren’t as flexible when it comes to switching between positions.

As mentioned earlier, plenty of women might end up getting hurt by a dick that big, especially when they’re trying to transition between positions quickly.

Men who are on the shorter side have a leg up in that regard. They won’t be limited by not being able to fit, and really have the opportunity to learn how to blow a girl’s mind in bed from a variety of angles.

8. Why Does She Want To Sleep With You?

Odds are, it’s not the size of your tool.

It’s been a common topic that articles (and men) wonder about. What makes a woman want to have sex with a specific man?

Spoiler alert: it’s not the size of a man’s penis.

While this may seem surprising, think about it from this point of view. Would the size of a woman’s breasts or the tightness of her vagina alone make you want to sleep with her?

Absolutely not.

Women are attracted to a man’s body type, his voice, and most of all, his personality. They want him to make her smile and feel valued. Being able to poke her cervix (which is actually quite the painful experience) matters much less than being a good partner.

Whether or not she’ll experience pleasure while sleeping with you depends more on how much she trusts you, how comfortable she feels with you, how confident, humorous, or sexy she thinks you are, and (of course) how good of a lover you are. Things like being good at communicating and being a good kisser are far more important than having the biggest dick in the room. If she’s attracted to you, then the size of your penis won’t stop her from sleeping with you.

While it’s true that women prefer what they perceive as men who have more masculine qualities, your manliness is not tied to your penis.

Having a big dick and being overbearing does not make you a man. Being  a good partner and communicator does.


Again and again, men who have perfectly normal penises get worried about size.

They compare themselves to pornstars, to some kind of ideal they’ve built up in their head of what a man should be.

Thankfully, that ideal is wrong. Your sex life is about so much more than the size of your penis. And even if you can’t change the personal preference of specific women, you can change the way you approach sex. Become proactive, and you’ll begin to really see the differences.

No matter the size of your penis, there is no excuse for being a lazy or bad partner. Enthusiasm, charm, and technique not only make up for length, but can be much more satisfying than a few extra inches down there.