Small Penis? 21 (+3) Simple Tips & Tricks For Being Better In Bed!

Man, are you still worried about your small penis?

Does your penis size really matter?

Let me tell you…

The nasty belief that the size of a penis is important to women has already gotten old.

In fact, a study reveals that the length is among the least important qualities of a perfect penis.

What does count in bed is your effort to read your partner’s body and desires.

Accrding to women, here are some tips and tricks on how to achieve a better sexual performance, regardless of the size of your tool.

1. The First Thing First, Create a Hot Atmosphere

Trust me, a romantic atmosphere isn’t a cliché.

Light up some scented candles (vanilla, coffee or cinnamon can be very sexy).

Play some slow, sensual music. Dim the light. Turn off your phone and get rid of all other potential distractions. Focus on that perfect atmosphere rather than on your „problem“.

2. You’re Ready, But Before You Start, Enjoy The Foreplay

Stay aware that sex isn’t only about penetration. An article on SheKnows gives an insight into this from a female perspective, saying that many women need more time to get into the mood.

That’s when an extra large penis can’t do much and the foreplay is saving the day.

Some afterplay is also a good idea, especially in cases your small dick haven’t do the job!

3. Give Her an Erotic Massage

Again, it’s everything about getting her into the right mood, especcially if you can’t impress her with your (small) penis size.

So, get some etheric oil and get to work.

Massage will wake up her senses and open a chance for a higher sexual pleasure.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro masseuse as long as you pay attention to your partner’s body language and reactions.

  • Pro tip: When it comes to scents, peppermint and lavender are both relaxing and erotic, while musk is a top aphrodisiac.

4. Engage in Some Seductive Kissing

Explore her entire body to see what feels good to her. Neck, for instance, is a common erogenous zone. Have in mind that kissing not only gets her into the mood but also reduces stress (and gives you a bigger, rock solid erection) according to a study described in Men’s Health.

  • Pro tip: This simple thing is frequently neglected when things get wild in bed, and yet, it should be one of the priorities. Her boobs are highly sensitive but don’t stop there.

5. Don’t Forget To Play With Your Fingers

Did you know only the minority of women cums vaginally?

Women like stimulation by fingers so make sure to do it properly but be gentle and creative – mix the tempo, rhythm and intensity of stimulation, following her movements and reactions.

6. My Favourite: Try The Backdoor Approach

If your partner is into it, anal sex could be your thing.

In terms of anal, you have a great advantage compared to dudes with the big D.

Women enjoy huge penises in their booties mostly in porn movies, while in reality, not all of them want to feel the pain and deal with that kind of inconvenience.

7. Introduce Sex Toys To Your Bed

Check if your partner is into sex games which include toys.

You’d be surprised to know one in two women already use them on their own, according to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Using the right sex toys while being together can also increase intimacy and trust between the two of you.

Don’t worry – plastic and rubber don’t fill in your place as it has been confirmed no sex toy can outperform a real (small) penis.

8. Join The Pro Club – Meet The Clit

Be gentle, here!

This part of the body is extra sensitive and it takes a lot of practice to guess the perfect treatment for it. Some women enjoy circular movements, some like it slowly, some like fast movements, some adore licking while some are disgusted by it, and some women like their clit to be sucked.

To get to know her perfectly, you should stay extra sensitive to her reactions during sex.

If you cannot read her reactions, don’t be afraid to ask her what she would like you to do to her.

9. Always Pay Attention to Your Penis’ Looks

The earlier mentioned study has also revealed that the overall cosmetic appearance of a penis is the single most important thing women notice about male genitalia.

Needless to say, you should always keep it completely clean.

Also, make sure your pubic hair is as tidy as possible.

You can change your penis shape but make sure you style everything around it properly as well.

10. Improve Your Oral Skills

Only 18 percent of women report that they can experience orgasms vaginally, with the penetration being enough to take them there, a study finds. The rest of the women usually need their clitoris to be stimulated if they want a happy end.

Oral sex is more than a foreplay and some women swear they have the best orgasms with this type of stimulation. Make sure to be extra careful and skillful when you go down on her!

11. Experiment With Different Sex Positions

You’ll frequently hear people saying, “Technique matters more than the size of your penis.” The key is to understand which technique works best for your partner, as there is no universal recipe for this. The best way to find it out is to try different positions, from classical to wild ones.

12.Learn To Talk Dirty

When you know how to turn your partner on properly, size is the last thing on her mind.

Talking dirty is one of the ways you can do it, so give it a shot.

It doesn’t always work, thought – sometimes it just gets too awkward for both of you – but when it works, it really works well.


Although talking dirty doesn’t have be vulgar – it is all about the way you say it.

13. Don’t Overdo It With The Lube

Yes, lubricants can transform your sex life, hands down.


Buzzfeed advises you should be careful with the lubricant, as she might not feel as much sensation as she would with a smaller-than-average penis. Rely on nature’s own mechanisms and make sure to turn her on before the penetration so you don’t even need the lube.

14. Engage in Role-Playing

Give your fantasies a shot and allow your partner to share her fantasies with you.

A bit of acting and kink in the bedroom could help you be more relaxed and forget about any size-related fears. You’ll probably come to conclusion sex can be practiced in so many diverse ways that size is eventually much more irrelevant than your imagination.

15. Important: Find The G-spot

Nope, G-spot is not a myth.

It is usually located in depths of 5-8 centimeters (1.9 to 3.1 inches). This means it is a spot you can reach even if your penis is smaller-than-average.

In practice, you will have to try different positions to see which one hits the G-spot the best. Using your fingers (or better – your curved dick) to stimulate her G-spot is possibly an easier choice.

Your efforts to find your partner’s G-spot will be worthy, as many women report the stimulation of this particular spot leads them to more intensive orgasms than clitoral stimulation.

16. Don’t Forget The Nipples

Devoting some attention to nipples and areolae (the skin around the nipples) can complement the overall sexual pleasure. Women react differently to different nipple stimulation – some of them prefer a gentle lick or touch while some of them are more into light pinching or squeezing.

Slowly explore this sensitive area to see what works best for your girl.

17. Combine The Intercourse With Manual Stimulation

Sure, you can stimulate her clitoris using your fingers separately, but you can also engage in some multitasking.

Make sure to pick a convenient position in which manual stimulation combined with penetration feels comfortable.

Cowgirl, doggy style or reverse cowgirl could be a great choice if you are into this and have a small or curved penis.

18. Have You Tried Ribbed Condoms?

Ribbed condoms are designed specifically for her pleasure.

They can really make a difference, enhancing her vaginal stimulation when your short or thin penis is not enought. Mind that some women are not comfortable with this type of condoms, so make sure to know she is okay with it before you put them on.

19. Find Her A-Spot – You’d Need a Sex Toy

It‘s deeper than G-spot, so you‘ll have to use the alternative ways to hit that spot.

It is located 12 – 15 centimeters (5 – 6 inches) inside, in front of the cervix.

Now, finding it can be challenging for your fingers so you might want to employ some sex toys to find that sweet spot. Some women claim the discovery of their

A spot has unlocked the best orgasms they‘ve ever had, so go for it!

20. Check Out The O-Spot

Another lesser-known spot which drives women wild is the O-spot, located deep, behind the cervix. Choose a thinner vibrator or dildo to locate and stimulate it and see the magic happens!

Its name is already revealing its potential – it stands for „orgasm spot“ – and you don‘t wanna miss a chance to give her one!

21. Build your self-confidence

Hey, have you read the above tips & tricks for being better in bed?

Did you try them?

I bet you didn’t.

And You Are Still Worried About Your Small Penis, Aren’t You?

Okay, let me tell you one more thing…

Did you know what really matters when it comes to women’s sexual satisfaction?

It may sound corny, but sexual performance vastly depends on how confident you are.

The better you are in other aspects of your life (job, sports, hobbies, friendships etc) the more positive your self-image is. And with it, you feel better about yourself in bed.

Always have in mind that you are much more than the piece of meat between your legs.

There is no reason to reduce your personality on it.

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Did you know…

if you are just starting a sexual relationship with this partner, you don‘t have to show her your tool immediately if you are a shy kind of guy.


  • Turn The Lights Off During The Sex

Dim light or completely dark room is hotter than fully illuminated space anyway. You‘ll boost the lights when you‘re ready!


  • Don‘t mention your size

Some men tend to point out their size „problem“, mostly through jokes. It reveals their need to hear something affirmative and get a sign that their partner accepts them. The thing is, that kind of talk can be unpleasant for the both of you, especially if you are fresh in the relationship. Focus on all the things that would compensate your size rather than nagging or even joking about it.

So far, we gave you advice on how to satisfy your partner.

This doesn‘t mean you should neglect your own satisfaction, of course.

Get to know your body and, if your partner has a hard time reading your reactions, feel free to share your desires with her. Just like both of you should enjoy the relationship, the sex should be a joy for the both of you as well.

Last, but not least, don‘t forget sex is much more than the intercourse.

As you could see, there are many ways to reach a mutual pleasure.

Maybe not all of your partners will be happy with your small penis but you should not be worried about that. Those who are trying to belittle you based on such a thing may not be even worthy of your attention. Sex should arise from meaningful relationships dominated by the respect. If your partner respects you, she certainly won‘t judge you because of your genitalia.

With the tips above, your penis size should become the last thing on your or your partner‘s mind. After all, it‘s all about how you use what you already have!